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The week that was... | 16 January 2009

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Here are some of the posts made over the past week on

Matthew d'Ancona recommends Frost/Nixon and offers CoffeeHousers a chance to see it for free.

Fraser Nelson says that Heathrow should be improved before it's expanded, and applauds the Tories for making debt a human issue.

James Forsyth finds no wealth of talent in the Cabinet, and outlines the Ken Clarke conundrum.

Peter Hoskin asks whether Mandy's latest scheme will kickstart the car industry, and laments the Government's equality overdrive.

Melanie Phillips observes the astounding shallowness of Britain's Foreign Secretary.

Clive Davis asks: was Bush right after all?

Trading Floor writes on what not to do about climate change.

And Americano outlines the cost of the US deficit.