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The week that was | 19 March 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson
says that age is no impediment to wit and intelligence, and argues that Cameron has to win outright.

James Forsyth watches Cameron kick-off his campaign, and says there is growing confidence among Tory ranks.

Peter Hoskin asks if the Tories have been fools or knaves over Ashcroft, and welcomes the start of mature economic debate.

David Blackburn believes that the Tories’ Unite strategy is paying unimagined dividends, and watches Brown dither over BA.

Daniel Korksi evaluates the ECR.

Martin Bright finds Ashcroft and Whelan equally repellent.

Susan Hill has had more than a day at the races.

Rod Liddle is surprised that young black men are ‘over-feminized’.

Alex Massie is bemused by the Spectator’s interview with Piers Morgan.

Melanie Phillips laments Israel alone.

And Cappuccino Culture sees Scorcese cut loose.