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The week that was | 21 August 2009

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There are less than three weeks to go until the Spectator Inaugural Conference, on 15th September 2009 at Church House, Westminster. Click here to book tickets.

And, just in case you missed them, here are some of the posts made at this week.

Fraser Nelson laments what was a bleak day for Scottish justice, and responds to the opponents of Swedish schools.

Peter Hoskin argues that Sir Patrick Cormack’s proposal makes the case for greater public involvement in politics, and says that the Gordon Brown is the loser from the Kevan Jones storm.

David Blackburn believes corruption, not force, is the midwife of change in Afghanistan, and wonders who on earth writes Andy Burnham's scripts.

Martin Bright sees an insight into what life under a Tory government might be like.

Clive Davis tries to make sense of the Jim Fitzpatrick affair.

And Alex Massie examines the backlash over the Lockerbie decision