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The week that was | 23 October 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson says that the BNP defines itself by race - that distinguishes it from every other party, and asks whether it is legitimate to discuss the strength of the link between HIV and Aids.

James Forsyth wonders why the BBC allowed Question Time to become Griffin time, and thinks that MPs should be allowed to employ their relatives.

Peter Hoskin argues that Brown’s lose-lose position will prevent our broken politics being fixed, and tries to unravel those strange post-conference polls.

David Blackburn sees the same old mistakes being repeated in Afghanistan, and says that the BNP’s appropriation of British institutions must be resisted.

Lloyd Evans witnesses a below par Dave at PMQs.

Martin Bright argues that Hillary Clinton’s intervention means that the Tories must get serious about their EU allies.

Susan Hill thinks that it is outrageous that celebrities append their names to novels they haven’t written.

Rod Liddle rails against Labour’s response to the BNP.

Alex Massie can’t believe we give so much attention to a tiny, malignant set of fools.

Melanie Phillips explains how human rights have been turned into inhuman wrongs.

And Cappuccino Culture remembers Sir Ludovic Kennedy.