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The week that was | 25 September 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week

Fraser Nelson argues that the BBC and mainstream political parties need to think very carefully about how they will handle Nick Griffin on Question Time.

James Forsyth sees the Lib Dems’ incoherence embodied in Nick Clegg, and says that the Tories are cockahoop about the Lib Dem disarray.

Peter Hoskin thinks that the Tories must ready themselves to talk about tax, and believes that the Tories are preparing for the post-election period.

David Blackburn describes Brown’s submarine announcement as clever diplomacy, and urges Nick Clegg to accept David Cameron’s overtures.

Lloyd Evans reviews Nick Clegg’s conference.

Daniel Korski analyses the McCrystal plan.

Martin Bright asks where the “decent” left should go next.

Clive Davis ponders the reflections of a former neo-conservative.

Rod Liddle wonders what the hell’s happened to Baroness Scotland’s cleaner.

Alex Massie sees that Vince Cable is clever, but does that make him a good politician?

Melanie Phillips remembers Irving Kristol.

And Cappuccino Culture gives you a taste of the macabre.