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The week that was | 28 May 2010

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Here are some posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson outlines the death of the male working class, and says that Michael Gove must guard against the vested interests.

James Forsyth watches the Tory right reassert itself, and sets out the tactical considerations over the timing of the AV referendum.

Peter Hoskin sees the media helping the coalition's fiscal cause, and says the IDS agenda could help to end the benefits trap.

David Blackburn argues that Ed Balls's fighting talk is getting him nowhere, and gives his take on David Laws's performance in the Commons.

Daniel Korski calls for a new Afghanistan strategy.

Martin Bright highlights a devastating attack on Amnesty International.

Susan Hill
explains why arts funding must be cut.

Rod Liddle thinks that politics is getting interesting.

Alex Massie oultines Nick Clegg's opportunity and responsibility.

And Melanie Phillips has some questions about Gove's free schools.