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The week that was | 30 April 2010

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It has been a busy week at Spectator Live, where Gaby Hinsliff has argued that Gordon Brown looks too knackered to carry on and Jo-Anne Nadler interviews William Hague, who wants to be Foreign Secretary.

Here is what made of the final televised debate;

Fraser Nelson says that Cameron shone, Clegg wobbled and Brown sank.

James Forsyth
believes Cameron delivered the required performance.

Peter Hoskin argues that the sunshine wins it for Cameron.

David Blackburn watches Labour’s campaign implode.

And Alex Massie proclaims a victory for Cameron, at last.

And here is a selection of other posts made at over the past week:

Fraser Nelson asks Gordon Brown ten questions.

James Forsyth ponders a devastating moment for Gordon Brown.

Peter Hoskin sees the spotlight turn on Labour.

David Blackburn wonders how the Tories will extricate themselves from their PR pickle.

Ed Howker discloses further revelations that damn the squeaky-clean Lib Dems.

Daniel Korski analyses the effects of the Greek crisis on the euro’s future.

Martin Bright has never underestimated the Lib Dems.

Susan Hill has something completely different.

Rod Liddle obtained proof of Labour’s contempt for the white working class.

Alex Massie asks who’s afraid of a hung parliament.

Melanie Phillips exposes the face of hypocrisy.

And Cappuccino Culture lays bare a certain person’s suppressed class prejudices.