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The week that was | 30 October 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week

Fraser Nelson sees a cartoon that epitomises modern Britain.

James Forsyth argues that Liz Truss’ candidacy must stand, and doubts that the army is being funded to its target level.

Peter Hoskin is encouraged that IDS is being tasked with finding “affordable policy solutions”, and waits as the Tories prime their civil service shake-up.

David Blackburn believes that MPs should get a free vote on the Kelly Review, and says that Thursday was another day where Brown was on the road to perdition.

Lloyd Evans watches Dave miss another opportunity.

Susan Hill can see rural poverty and deprivation all around.

Rod Liddle wants to start a campaign of mass disobedience.

Alex Massie addresses the Neather Brouhaha.

Melanie Phillips condemns the Neatherworld of Britain’s busted political class.

And Cappuccino Culture debates violence and religion.