Watch: Theresa May dodges Brexit deal question

Watch: Theresa May dodges Brexit deal question
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Theresa May is back on the radio flogging her Brexit deal to a sceptical public. Unsurprisingly, few of those who phoned in to BBC 5 Live seemed impressed by what the Prime Minister had to offer. One listener asked the PM to tell him, without any 'political waffle', whether her deal is better than staying in the EU. But May's bid to do just that didn't exactly work out to plan. At the end of May's minute-long answer, the host Emma Barnett asked for the caller's verdict:

EB: 'Michael, did the PM answer your question?'

Caller: 'No'

Emma Barnett ended the interview by asking May how she and Philip would celebrate if the deal got through Parliament. The PM seemed momentarily stumped by the question before the Maybot kicked in with an answer:

TM: ' will...we will have a drink together'

Mr S. has a hunch that if the deal is voted down they might be needing more than one drink...

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