Dominic Green

Dominic Green

The Middle East’s new grandmasters

On Monday, while IDF troops were clearing the last Hamas terrorists from Israeli communities near the Gaza border, Benjamin Netanyahu promised that ‘we are going to change the Middle East’. Only two Israeli prime ministers have spoken like that before. One was Menachem Begin when he waged war on the PLO in Lebanon in 1982.

The Anne Frank story continues

The first time a friend told me that Hitler had the right idea about the Jews I was six. Most of my classmates agreed, and quoted their parents in evidence – from which I conclude that anyone who suggests that they don’t understand how the Holocaust happened is either a fool or a liar. It

Into the woods of 19th-century America

Early American settlers said that a squirrel could climb up a tree on the coast of Massachusetts, set off westwards and not touch the ground until it reached the Ohio river. The squirrels, like the Native Americans, were pushed out and west. Timber was the settlers’ main resource, and they stripped New England of wood

Putin is unpicking the frayed bonds of Nato and the EU

Vladimir Putin doesn’t need to send troops into Ukraine. He has already achieved his strategic goals — for now. The leading European Union powers, France and Germany, are competing against each other for Putin’s ear, while Britain is competing against them by shipping arms to Ukraine. The United States is exposed as an unreliable protector,

Joe Biden is asleep at the wheel

Did Joe Biden fall asleep during the opening speeches of the COP26 climate jamboree in Glasgow? It’s hard to blame him if he did. A conference dedicated to saving the planet is generating nothing but hot air, some of it carboniferously heavy with the exhaust of the armada of private jets that brought the guests.

Why does Kamala Harris refuse to confront anti-Semitism?

Kamala Harris’s pandering to anti-Semitism in a photo-op at George Mason University last week confirms that when it comes to the Democrats, the fish now rots from the head. What should a vice president of the United States say when a foreign student ambushes her with boilerplate lies – in this case, lies which fit

Biden is losing Nato

The forming of the Australia-UK-US (Aukus) military alliance in the Pacific shows how everything Trump can say, Biden can do. The problem is, Biden isn’t doing it very well. Biden’s administration, like Trump’s, is committed to building its Pacific alliances while sustaining Nato. Yet on Australia as in Afghanistan, the Biden team are doing exactly

The buck stops with Biden

Joe Biden is unfit to be President of the United States. It was obvious when he was running for office that he lacks the physical stamina and mental acuity for the job. It has become increasingly obvious since January that the part-time President has either hidden from the media or stumbled through the kind of

Heroes and villains of the pandemic in America

The most alarming aspect of living in America is the recurring sensation that no one is in charge. This is much more disconcerting than recognising that the people in charge are incompetent and corrupt: that is merely a sorry fact of everyday life. Three times in two decades the world’s most powerful state has failed

Is the War on Terror finally over?

13 min listen

American troops have all but left Afghanistan, months ahead of their 11 September deadline. The country looks ready to fall into a full-scale civil war, with the Taleban overrunning government forces and seeing off local pockets of resistance. Will Biden keep America out, and will he walk away from Iraq too? Freddy Gray speaks to

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: I Call It Criminal Race Theory

21 min listen

In this week’s edition of The Green Room, Deputy Editor of The Spectator World edition Dominic Green meets human rights activist, campaigner for classical liberal values, research fellow, founder of the AHA foundation and prolific author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for a chat about her article in the new edition of The Spectator World edition. In

1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything

16 min listen

In this week’s edition of The Green Room, Deputy Editor of The Spectator’s world edition Dominic Green and co-host Arsalan Mohammad take a look back half a century to 1971, a year currently being explored in a magnificent eight-part documentary series on Apple+ TV. The series goes deep into that epochal year’s music and social

Hawkwind: a very British tale

18 min listen

In this week’s edition of The Green Room, Deputy Editor of The Spectator’s world edition Dominic Green meets DJ Taylor, who writes in the June edition of Spectator World, about Hawkwind, unlikely champions of the British rock underground. Less a band, more a way of life, the fascinating story of Hawkwind veers from the radicalism

The ultimate Dylan mixtape

47 min listen

In this week’s edition of The Green Room, Deputy Editor of The Spectator’s world edition Dominic Green and journalist Arsalan Mohammad celebrate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday by debating a good old-fashioned mixtape of tunes spanning the old master’s 60-year career (with some background sound effects by Arsalan’s dog). To listen to our selection, head over

Has liberalism gone too far?

27 min listen

In this week’s episode of The Green Room, Deputy Editor of The Spectator’s world edition Dominic Green meets the author Sohrab Ahmari for a chat about his new book, The Unbroken Thread: Discovering The Wisdom Of Tradition In An Age Of Chaos. In it, Ahmari, a writer and New York Post op-ed editor, makes a compelling

Can Democrats criticise Israel?

12 min listen

Apart from former nominee-candidate Andrew Yang, the Democratic Party has remained relatively quiet about the latest escalations in Israel and Gaza. Why won’t the Party comment? Freddy Gray talks to Dominic Green.

Philip Eade, Dominic Green, Anshel Pfeffer and Lionel Shriver

32 min listen

On this week’s episode, Philip Eade, biographer to Prince Philip, reads his obituary of the Prince. We’re also joined by Dominic Green, Spectator USA’s Life and Arts Editor, who reads his article on Prince Harry’s new job. Anshel Pfeffer reports on life in Israel under the vaccine passport; and Lionel Shriver on the West’s self-doubt

Roadmap to nowhere: will life ever return to normal?

38 min listen

Will life ever return to normal? (00:50) Is the government pandering to statue protestors? (14:30) And what’s Prince Harry’s new job? (27:55) With Kate Andrews, the Spectator‘s economics editor; Spectator columnist Matthew Parris; Spectator contributor Alexander Pelling-Bruce; Historic England CEO Duncan Wilson; Dominic Green, deputy editor of the Spectator‘s US edition; and Sam Leith, literary

Dominic Green

How Prince Harry became celebrity frontman for a very questionable industry

Prince Harry is now chief impact officer for BetterUp, a Californian corporate consultancy whose ‘mission’ is to sell online life coaching with — in his words, — ‘innovation, impact and integrity’. Harry may not realise it, but he is the latest celebrity frontman for the rapidly growing, broadly unregulated and frequently dubious corporate ‘coaching’ industry.

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene the future of the Republican party?

13 min listen

The House of Representatives has removed Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from two committees for promoting incendiary conspiracy theories about paedophile rings and Jewish-controlled space lasers. Does she represent the future of the GOP, and are both parties losing their grip on reality? Freddy Gray speaks to Dominic Green, the Spectator‘s deputy US editor.