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Andrew Marr and the BBC misquoted David Cameron – but how did they get it so wrong?

After yesterday’s piece, in which I called out Andrew Marr for attributing an entirely incorrect quote to the PM on his… Continue reading

Campaign kick-off: 16 days to go

David Cameron Meets With John Major In Downing Street on May 26, 2010 in London, England.

The Tories are partying like it’s 1992. Sir John Major is being wheeled out today to reinforce what Michael Fallon and… Continue reading

The Spectator at war: Crime and punishment

Portrait of the German Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz (1849 - 1930) in Naval uniform.  (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)

From ‘Criminal Warfare and Retaliation’, The Spectator, 24 April 1915: Although a soldier is supposed to obey his officer unquestioningly,… Continue reading

Cautious Miliband doesn’t want to talk about borrowing

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Announces His Party's Education Manifesto

Labour is proposing to balance the current not the overall budget. This is presumably because they think that borrowing to… Continue reading

Andrew Marr admits the BBC misquoted David Cameron on foxhunting


After Mr S’s colleague Camilla Swift wrote of the Twitterstorm that engulfed David Cameron after Andrew Marr claimed on air that… Continue reading

She’s wrong, but Katie Hopkins has a right to call migrants ‘cockroaches’

(Photo: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle)

I know we’re all supposed to be spitting blood over Katie Hopkins’ Sun column about African migrants. In fact, anyone… Continue reading

Exposed: the BBC’s ‘foxhunting’ smear against David Cameron

cameron marr hunting

The Prime Minister’s interview on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday showed that despite claims to the contrary, Cameron isn’t lacking… Continue reading

Tories in the lead according to ICM and Lord Ashcroft

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks to supporters during the launch of the Welsh Conservative manifesto on April 17, 2015 in Builth Wells, Wales.

The Conservatives are ahead once again in the latest Guardian/ICM poll. They are two points ahead on 34 per cent… Continue reading

The tension in Labour’s energy policy between prices and decarbonisation


There has always been a tension in Ed Miliband’s energy policy between its aim to get prices down via the… Continue reading

What’s more disturbing than a group of discredited old Nazis? The Green Party

The Green Party Launch Their Election Manifesto

Yesterday’s Mail on Sunday had an interesting account of a meeting in London of Nazis, neo-Nazis, British National Party types and anti—Semites… Continue reading

Is the election site May 2015 really as ‘unaligned’ as it claims?

Opposition Leaders Arrive For The Live BBC Debate

Twitter is abuzz today following the election site May 2015‘s claim that Ed Miliband will most likely win the election. The… Continue reading

Why are all the manifestos so rubbish?

Manifestos are getting longer

So all the manifestos are now out for voters to pore over. Given the amount of fuss the parties have… Continue reading

Five rules of politics that Nicola Sturgeon has broken

Doesn't she know you aren't meant to talk to grassroots activists? (Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty)

Nicola Sturgeon met my Auntie Patsy over the weekend, then was kind enough to tweet a picture of their encounter… Continue reading

Joyce DiDonato, the New York Philharmonic and Alan Gilbert at the Barbican reviewed: ‘seductive’

Joyce DiDonato with Alan Gilbert and the New York Philharmonic at the Barbican. Photo: Chris Lee

We ought to have discovered Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Nyx (2011) before now. The dense orchestration was dappled with soupçons of indigenous music,… Continue reading

Watch: Russell Brand trespasses on Lord Rothermere’s property


Earlier this year Mr S revealed that Russell Brand had made an unwelcome visit to the home of Lord Rothermere, the proprietor of… Continue reading

A vote for the SNP is a vote for a Labour government

SNP Launch Their Manifesto In Edinburgh

For decades now the SNP have thirsted for the moment when they can be ‘relevant’ to the outcome of a Westminster general… Continue reading

Don’t get angry at Katie Hopkins if you don’t support policies that could save migrants

Hairspray Premiere - Arrivals

The latest issue of The Spectator carries an interesting piece by James Bartholomew on ‘virtue signalling’, the bane of social… Continue reading

Ditch the gym. The key to fitness is boxing

Don't mess with this woman. She's a Tory MP

A well-trained boxer is the most thoroughly conditioned human in the sporting world: there is no other sport that demands… Continue reading

Ed Miliband was ‘absolutely terrified’ by hen party, bless him


Over the weekend, Mr S brought you the unlikely tale of the Labour leader becoming a pin-up for a brood… Continue reading

Labour’s gamble for SNP support

Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

The SNP launches its manifesto today in Edinburgh. Nicola Sturgeon will be arguing that the policies in the document are… Continue reading

Campaign kick-off: 17 days to go

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond campaign in the Gordon constituency on April 18, 2015 in Inverurie, Scotland.

The campaign’s focus will swing back to Scotland today, with Nicola Sturgeon launching the SNP’s manifesto in Edinburgh. Ed Miliband… Continue reading

The Spectator at war: Ypres times

Over the top -- British soldiers in the trenches. Image: Getty

From ‘News of the Week’, The Spectator, 24 April 1915: THERE are two very important military events to record during… Continue reading

Young votes are there to be won but politicians don’t seem interested

Not every young person cares about this guy (Photo: Carl Court/Getty)

If I had a penny for every time a politician or a journalist insinuated that of all the issues facing… Continue reading

Nigel Farage: David Cameron’s ‘fanaticism’ is to blame for Libya migrant crisis

Nigel Farage on the Sunday Politics today. Photo: BBC.

Nigel Farage tends to stick to one line on foreign affairs: no more foreign wars. On the Sunday Politics today, the Ukip… Continue reading

The EU’s asylum policy is to blame for the tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean

(FILES) - Picture taken 21 May 2007 of A

As the leading article in The Spectator this week pointed out, thousands of people are fleeing war and anarchy in… Continue reading

John Major to enter the electoral fray this week

David Cameron Meets With John Major In Downing Street

David Cameron’s inner circle are always keen to talk up the parallels between this campaign and 1992. This week, the… Continue reading

Duelling advice for Nigel Farage


A Polish prince this week challenged Nigel Farage to a duel. The prince, Yanek Zylinski, blames Farage and Ukip for anti-Polish sentiment… Continue reading

Angela Eagle: Labour would speak to other parties to get a Queen’s Speech through

Angela Eagle on the Sunday Politics this morning. Photo: BBC.

On the Sunday Politics just now, Angela Eagle shifted Labour’s position on what it would do in the event of… Continue reading


Hillary Clinton Begins Presidential Campaign In Iowa

How Hillary Clinton found her populist side (and why she’ll have to lose it)

If you want to be the Democratic nominee, it’s populism or bust

Left-wing populism is on the rise - and may take Ed Miliband to No10


Would-be leaders of the left are harnessing the mood of angry populism

The SNP has replaced the Church of Scotland

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Attends CND Scotland Scrap Trident Rally

The great SNP revival, and why it’s impervious to reason

Hating the Daily Mail is a substitute for doing good


Why do the right thing when you can simply say the right thing?

How Ed Miliband lost the Jewish vote

CBI Annual Conference 2014

Labour’s leader would be the first Jewish prime minister since Disraeli – so how has he alienated so many Jewish voters?

‘Was the baby naughty?’: Gory frescoes, spectacular cliffs and herring with a toddler in Denmark

Møns Klint as painted by Claudia Massie

The sky over the island of Møn, which is at the bottom right of Denmark, was cobalt and the whitewashed walls of the Elmelunde church dazzled in the bright sunshine… Read more



The Tories have survived a near-death experience. But they’re not home yet

At 5.45 a.m. Lynton Crosby holds the first meeting of the day at Conservative campaign HQ. The aim is to… Read more

Call me insane, but I’m voting Labour


Quite often when I deliver myself of an opinion to a friend or colleague, the reply will come back: ‘Are… Read more

Scotland knows the power of a common enemy. We English don’t

A mural in Los Angeles commemorating the 1915 Armenian Genocide (Photo: Getty)

When last Sunday Pope Francis took the brave step of acknowledging the Armenian tragedy as the ‘first genocide of the… Read more

Warning: you may be about to vote for more than one government


For the last five years, I’ve been trying to get people interested in the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. No, don’t… Read more


1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

Cars are our cathedrals

Stephen Bayley hails the automobile – a miracle of technical and artistic collaboration – and mourns its demise

Better than Robert? Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern reviewed

‘Propeller (Air Pavilion)’, 1937

In 1978, shortly before she died, the artist Sonia Delaunay was asked in an interview whether she considered herself a… Read more

Why Daniel Barenboim should be the next head of the Berlin Phil

Daniel Barenboim conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (Photo: Getty)

Daniel Barenboim is back in town: the South Bank is mounting a ‘Barenboim Project 2015’ in which he’s playing the… Read more

ENO's Between Worlds at the Barbican reviewed: too respectful


This week, some 200 years since Goya’s ‘The Disasters of War’, almost 80 years after Picasso’s ‘Guernica’, and over 50… Read more

Even those who reviled Thatcher will be moved, appalled and astonished: Dead Sheep at the Park reviewed

Find the voice, find the character: Steve Nallon as Margaret Thatcher

Dead Sheep is a curious dramatic half-breed that examines Geoffrey Howe’s troubled relationship with Margaret Thatcher. Structurally it’s a Mexican… Read more

A Little Chaos review: Kate Winslet emotes her little socks off

Gardeners’ world: Alan Rickman (Louis XIV) and Kate Winslet (Sabine De Barra) at Versailles

A Little Chaos is a period drama directed by Alan Rickman and starring Kate Winslet as a woman charged to… Read more

I wish Daenerys Targaryen would free the nipple: Game of Thrones series five reviewed

Free the nipple!

Blimey, there has been so much good stuff to watch on telly of late: the Grand National, the Boat Race… Read more

Why Bette Davis loathed theatre

Bette Davis, 1940 (Photo: STF/AFP/Getty)

It was called Frankly Speaking and by golly it was. The great screen actress Bette Davis was being interviewed by… Read more

Boris Johnson on his plans for the Olympic Park: inspired or whimsical?


Jack Wakefield on the Mayor’s ambitious, not to say whimsical, vision for the Olympic Park


Great escapes (Photo: Getty)

The lost talk of old Noo Yawk

New York ‘Gimme a BLT on rye and hold da mayo’ is a great Noo Yawk sound. So is boid… Read more

A child in church! It’s a miracle!


To say that Oscar was warmly welcomed as he stepped through the massive oak door into a chilly House of God for the first time in his life on Easter… Read more

I’m just not cut out to be a local activist


By and large, I’m not really sure the world is ready for me to join the steering committee of a community project in Lambeth seeking Lottery funding. It sounds like… Read more

The tortoises are alive! (And sitting on the duck’s eggs)

They're alive! (Photo: Getty)

No sooner had I written last week’s column about the sad disappearance of the two tortoises in my care than they suddenly showed up. The sun had shone for two… Read more


As if a turtle you have laid your eggs in a bowl of sand. Unlike the turtle you sit next to your own heap overlong considering the wondrous thing    you’ve… Read more