David Cameron has faith, of the vague variety. (Tim Ireland/PA Wire)

Evangelically wishy-washy

David Cameron has said Christians should be more evangelical “about a faith that compels us to get out there and… Continue reading

An American, an Australian and a South African walk into a British election


All three main parties have now hired foreign advisers to help run their general election campaigns. These foreign advisers have… Continue reading

The Keyser Söze of Ukrainian politics


Dmitry Firtash is the Keyser Söze of Ukrainian politics — a mystery figure about whom you hear two very different… Continue reading

Will David Cameron stand up for persecuted Christians?

David Cameron should do more to stop the persecution of Christians. (Photo credit should read THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images)

Last week, David Cameron surprised a number of people when, during a pre-Easter gathering at Downing Street, he spoke about… Continue reading

The Royal Family beats Australia’s dreary political class hands down

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 10

Only a few hours before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge landed in Sydney for the start of their much-hyped… Continue reading

Top Obama strategist David Axelrod to advise Labour

The Labour Party has announced tonight that David Axelrod, the man who masterminded Obama’s two election victories, is to advise… Continue reading

John Bercow’s problem with PMQs

Photo: Getty Images.

John Bercow doesn’t like Prime Minister’s Questions. He’s told the BBC in an interview that it is ‘so bad’—in other… Continue reading

Britpop 20 years on: the Tory voters who love Oasis

Blur and Oasis at the height of their fame.

It’s twenty years since the height of Britpop, but does anyone still care about it? YouGov has carried out some… Continue reading

Is moral change speeding up?


After David Cameron’s whole God thing last week, there was a discussion on the radio this morning about whether religion… Continue reading

There’s supposed to be a ‘cost of living crisis’, Ed. Will free gym use solve it?

The Labour Party Annual Conference

There was much excitement on Tuesday night when Labour’s Pat McFadden, a former business and employment minister, appeared on Newsnight… Continue reading

Last rites for the Co-op Bank? As group announces record losses

Co-operative Group Difficulties Continue After Lord Myners Resigns

‘Care, respect, clarity and reassurance’ are what the Co-operative funeral service says it offers the bereaved, and the parent Co-op… Continue reading

Would the word ‘NATO’ make Vladimir Putin think twice?


Russia, Ukraine, the European Union and the United States will meet in Geneva later today in order to find a… Continue reading

New Labour’s greatest failure

These two men blew a golden opportunity to tackle welfare dependency.  (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

My friend and critic Jonathan Portes obviously took exception to my remarks about Keynesianism having been disproven. His entertaining rebuttal… Continue reading

Paxo turns fire on the Beeb

Jeremy Paxman

Is Mr Steerpike alone in thinking that Jeremy Paxman can’t be bothered anymore? First there was his wet rag interview… Continue reading

David Cameron tells Britain to be ‘more confident about our status as a Christian country’

Anglican church

David Cameron is doing God. He has followed up his comments about his faith at last week’s Downing Street reception… Continue reading

Sexism is ‘in your face’ in Britain because it’s up for discussion


Sexism is more ‘in your face’ in Britain than in other countries, a United Nations investigator has claimed. I can… Continue reading

Why Fraser Nelson is wrong about a jobs ‘miracle’


In his blog earlier today, Fraser Nelson argues: ‘The UK jobs miracle is happening mainly due to radical welfare reform… Continue reading

If you really hate wind farms, David Cameron won’t help you


The Prime Minister is planning to cap the total number of onshore wind farms in Britain. But what would limiting… Continue reading

Foodbank statistics present problems for the coalition – and for Labour

Rochdale Foodbank Use Triples In A Year

Despite the stream of very good economic news (as described by Fraser and James), you won’t catch ministers saying that… Continue reading

Over Ukraine, we have lost our moral compass

It's time to recalibrate (Photo: Fred Morley/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

A week’s holiday in the perfect seaside town of Staithes was intended to be recuperative and restful, a time to… Continue reading

It’s official: smaller state and welfare reform leads to jobs record

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 09.41.52

The British jobs miracle continues, with unemployment now down below 7 per cent and employment at an all-time high of… Continue reading

Podcast: Atheism’s crisis of faith, whether Cameron ‘ does’ God and holidaying in Athens

Is atheism in trouble? Photo: Getty Images.

Is atheism in trouble? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, the Spectator’s Douglas Murray and Freddy Gray discuss our… Continue reading

Why must we have a Minister for Women?

Ed Miliband's Minister for Women is likely to be one of Harriet Harman's spiritual daughters; but that's not the only - or even the best - reason to be suspicious of the post. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Does it make you feel better about yourself, girls, ladies, to know that if Labour’s elected, Ed Miliband will have… Continue reading

Will the last person to leave the EU please turn out the lights

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Campaigning In South Shields

Nigel Farage is feeling the heat after saying that the electricity bill for his 620 square foot office is over… Continue reading

The cloning industry may be closer than you think

Britain's first cloned puppy. Image: Channel 4

A cute puppy is natural front-page fodder, as the birth of Britain’s first cloned puppy last week proved. When it… Continue reading

Nigel Farage faces down ‘Establishment’ plot

Ukip leader Nigel Farage. Image: Getty

This morning’s edition of The Times reported (£) that Nigel Farage could face a probe into claims, apparently lodged by a… Continue reading

When is a party not a celebration?

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 16.26.14

Former Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans stood on the steps of Preston Crown Court last week and said: ‘This isn’t a… Continue reading

Ukip needs to reduce its defection rate to be taken seriously

Nigel Farage needs to ensure that fewer of his MEPs defect to other parties. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Party-switching has been relatively common among British MEPs in recent years.  In the past ten years, 13 MEPs have ended… Continue reading



The return of God: atheism's crisis of faith

When we talk about morals, we end up back talking about religion. That's a good thing

Don't call him an oligarch - meeting Dmitry Firtash


A rare interview with Ukraine's mystery billionaire

As a doctor, I’d rather have HIV than diabetes

(Photo: Alexa Stankovic/AFP/Getty)

One of the most feared diseases in the world is now, for British doctors, a manageable chronic condition. It’s a triumph we’re oddly scared to talk about

Where it's all kicking off in Athens nightlife

View to the Acropolis

A savvy visitor's guide to the post-crisis Greek capital

Shakespeare invented Britain. Now he can save it


We need the voice of our shared culture now more than ever


(Photo: Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty)

How David Cameron does God (even when his Chancellor wishes he wouldn't)

The religious divide in the Tory side of the coalition

The Pope's brilliant PR

(Photo: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty)

Plus: MPs' expenses 1945 style, and the hunt for the Stonegate fare-dodger

The Nigel Evans case proves that juries are smarter than our liberal elite

Nigel Evans (Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty)

Ordinary people still put common sense and fairness ahead of crusading zeal – thank God

I’m fascinated by our censorious fascination with other people’s sex lives. And I sense something shifting

(Photo: Getty)

I liked the generic title ‘Another Voice’ that The Spectator used to give this column, because it seemed to loosen… Read more

Should the Co-op be preparing for its own funeral?


Plus: An outburst of dotcom common sense, and Tesco’s latest troubles


‘Livia da Porto Thiene and her daughter Deidamia’, 1552, by Veronese

The National Gallery's Veronese is the exhibition of a lifetime

He's been called the greatest colourist of all time. This show is not merely enjoyable; it's awe-inspiring

Ferdinand Kingsley interview: 'Yeah, but mum's dad was totally bald too!'

Ferdinand Kingsley

The actor on the advantages and drawbacks of a famous father, and on bringing back a Restoration anti-hero

In the mood for Parsifal, my Passiontide fare

A scene painting from Parsifal by Paul Joukovski - 1882 (Photo: Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth/ Dagli Orti)

Wagner can be less pagan than it looks

Bryn Terfel lords it over 'Faust' magnificently

Bryn Terfel as Méphistophélès and Simon Keenlyside as Valentin in ‘Faust

Plus: Through his Teeth and The Crackle at the Linbury Studio, and Prince Igor at the Coliseum

Modern dance vs Shakespeare

(Photo: Johan Persson)

Christopher Wheeldon's take on The Winter's Tale straddles categories, sometimes uncomfortably

Another Country could almost be a YouTube advert for Eton

Rob Callender in Another Country (Photo: Johan Persson)

Plus: A Small Family Business may tell you a bit much of what Alan Ackbourn thinks about his audiences

BBC radio gets Easter right

Crucifixion by Michele da Verona - 1501 (Photo: Art Archive/ DeA Picture)

Good Friday from The Archers to Radio 3's Essay

Brains on a lithographic slab


Susan Aldworth's lithographs at the Blyth Gallery, South Kensington



When Taki met Al Sharpton

And what else the reverend has been up to

Battle of the grandsons


In the blue corner, the Ninja. In the red corner, Mr Chops. Slumped in the corner, their poor dad

Our first kills of spring


Casualties in the Chancellor household so far: two rabbits, and vocal score of White Christmas

Sympathy for the bookies

(Photo: Alan Crowhurst/Getty)

How attacks on betting terminals could hurt racing