Hopeless in Gaza; Israel’s tragically futile war

Travelling back from holiday yesterday we had Jeremy Vine’s show on the car radio and the Radio 2 man was… Continue reading

A bold plan to make welfare more personalised and responsive

Job centres need to be radically overhauled to embed welfare changes and provide support to those who need it most. (Image: Getty)

Jobs must surely be one of the great success stories of this government: 1.8 million more people in work, and… Continue reading

Archive interview: Alexander Litvinenko on ice picks, radioactive thallium and Putin’s assassins

(Photo: Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP/Getty)

In the 25 November 2006 edition of The Spectator, Neil Barnett recalled his encounters with the poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko.… Continue reading

Priti Patel ‘totally up for it’

Prime Minister David Cameron Announces His New Cabinet

Priti Patel, poster girl for the next generation of the Tory right, will be a key face on the airwaves… Continue reading

Does the man who saved Burberry from the chavs deserve £20 million?

A £20 million prize (and a supermodel to boot)

There isn’t a single item of Burberry in my wardrobe, I’m afraid, so I was unaware until this week of… Continue reading

Can the European Union agree a sanctions regime for Russia?

European Leaders Commemorate The 100th Anniversary of World War I In Belgium

David Cameron talked tough on sanctions yesterday, suggesting that he had the German and French support. I believe he means… Continue reading

Ed Miliband comes to Washington — and nobody here notices

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum

Washington, D.C. Ed Miliband met with Barack Obama yesterday, haven’t you heard? The British press covered the visit with their… Continue reading

Caption competition: Ed Miliband meets Barack Obama

Meet The Intern

I’m in the US right now, where the national conversation is – it’s safe to say – not fixed on… Continue reading

Flight MH17: the unctuous Bishop James Jones shows off on ‘Thought for the Day’


Perhaps it’s my imagination, but every time the Rt Rev James Jones, former Bishop of Liverpool, pops up on Thought… Continue reading

Nicky Morgan hides in office as civil servant sacks Gove’s special advisers

(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

New Education Secretary Nicky Morgan wasted no time in stamping her mark on her department – sacking all three of… Continue reading

David Cameron: This is a defining moment for Russia

(Photo: Getty)

David Cameron has made a statement to the House of Commons about the destruction of MH17 over eastern Ukraine. He… Continue reading

Your finger nails could hold the answer to your health problems

knee xray

Eighteen hundred years ago, Romano-Britons with a variety of medical conditions would have visited the healing temple at Lydney Park… Continue reading

Nicky Morgan passes her first test as Education Secretary


Nicky Morgan came to parliament today to praise Michael Gove, not to bury him: ‘It is a privilege,’ she said,… Continue reading

Stephen Dorrell: The NHS still has plenty to learn

A celebration of the NHS during the Olympic Opening Ceremony in 2012. Image: Getty

If anyone thought Stephen Dorrell would take a break from talking about health after standing down as chairman of the… Continue reading

Many of Britain’s best head teachers backed Michael Gove

George Osborne Visits A School In East London

Reading the papers over the last few days, you’d be forgiven for thinking that no teachers backed Michael Gove and… Continue reading

Tony Blair — the unloved one

The Ceremonial Funeral Of Former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher

Tony Blair, international superstar, has jetted into London to deliver the inaugural Philip Gould Memorial Lecture at Progress, a think… Continue reading

View from 22 morning review: the West’s response to MH17 and the reshuffle fallout


In this week’s View from 22 morning review, Douglas Murray, James Forsyth and Mary Wakefield discuss the weekend’s main stories. Can… Continue reading

It’s Evan Davis for Newsnight

(Photo: BBC)

With the BBC set to make a formal announcement about Jeremy Paxman’s replacement at Newsnight imminently, tweets from BBC staff… Continue reading

George Osborne’s grey-haired gamble

Image: Getty

George Osborne has been in retail mode this morning, selling his pension reforms and explaining how pensioners can unlock their… Continue reading

Can you help Owen Paterson?

Out for revenge? Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson. Image: Getty

Mr S was sipping his breakfast tea when he saw this plea from deposed Cabinet minister Owen Paterson: I’m looking… Continue reading

MH17 blame game reflects badly on all of us

Protestors in Sydney demand that Putin be banned from the G20 in November. Image: Getty

To judge by much of the western media coverage in recent days, you would have thought that Vladimir Putin had… Continue reading

We’re more likely to get assisted suicide with a Labour government


A doctor friend told me the other day that when he was taking a patient through her care programme plan… Continue reading

The carnival is over for the Notting Hill set

Conservative Party Leadership Result Announced

It is the Sunday after the reshuffle before. Today’s papers are brimming with post reshuffle stories; and not of the… Continue reading

MH17 makes the situation in Ukraine an American crisis and an EU catastrophe


The burning embers of an international airliner litter a Ukrainian field. 298 dead. The west blames Putin. President Putin blames… Continue reading

After the horrific tragedy of MH17, Europe must wake up to the threat posed by Vladimir Putin


How many more civilian planes need to be shot down over European airspace before Europe’s leaders get serious about the… Continue reading

Will we ever find out what happened to flight MH17? It is getting less and less likely

Image: Getty

The Ukrainian government has failed to secure the crash site, as much as 25 square kilometres of territory, where debris… Continue reading

As Christians are massacred in Iraq, laid-back Obama maintains his shameful silence

An Iraqi Christian woman who lives outside Mosul  
(Photo: KARIM SAHIB/AFP/Getty)

Christians in Mosul have been offered three choices by ISIS: 1. Convert to Islam. 2. Pay the ‘jizya’ tax that… Continue reading

Sorry Dave, it’s Boris and Farage for Charlie Brooks

Charlie Brooks. Image: Getty

The other darling of the CLA Game Fair — alongside former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson — was Charlie Brooks (aka Mr… Continue reading



David Cameron's Stepford ministers

The PM doesn’t want the new women in his cabinet to do anything but look nice

Women bishops at last


The vote on women bishops is a triumph for our diplomatic Archbishops

Israel abandoned


The anti-Semitic West almost seems to want Israelis to suffer

'We have had so many martyrs, so many injured'


  Gaza The main entrance to Al-Shifa Hospital was crowded with what seemed to be journalists. This wasn’t unusual. They wait here most days for ambulances ferrying in the dead… Read more

Faster, higher, stronger


The remarkable story of the missionary and the Masai running champion

My secret lust for right-wing women


A lust that dare not speak its name

Farewell, Speccie


So we are all going to have to pay for fatties to have stomach bands and bypasses, are we? It may be ‘cost-effective’ to treat the obese before they go… Read more

The glorious bohemia of Prague

A literary city: Prague

Prague, ‘Golden Prague’, is rich in music, architecture, glassware, pilsner and natural beauty. It is one of those places where laughter — innocent laughter, not laughter in the dark —… Read more



Gove, gone

‘There’s no shame in a cabinet to win the next election,’ declared an exasperated senior No. 10 figure on Tuesday… Read more

The Spectator's Notes: this is the worst reshuffle since 1989


This must be the worst reshuffle since Mrs Thatcher demoted Geoffrey Howe in 1989. Unlike that one, its errors are… Read more

The NHS ‘wellbeing’ monkey deserves to die

(Picture: www.monkeywellbeing.com)

My young daughter has a furry beaver — lifelike in all but its eyes, which to me seem cold and dead.… Read more

The ambulance service is in a state of emergency


Tom leant back against the bathroom wall, his face streaked with blood from the nosebleed, eyes half shut like an… Read more

Fear and libertarianism in Las Vegas


Great God, Vegas is an awful place. I realised this the moment I arrived. My cab driver — who’d been… Read more

Any other business: trouble spots in European banking


‘1914: Day by Day’, the Radio 4 series by the historian Margaret MacMillan, is a gripping reminder that significant global… Read more


‘The Goldfinch’, 1654, by Carel Fabritius

The home of Holland’s celebrity paintings gets a makeover

Laura Gascoigne on the treasures in the newly reopened Mauritshaus museum in The Hague

Is Handel’s Messiah anti-Semitic?

Handel's statue in Westminster Abbey's Poets' Corner. Photo: Getty

The Hallelujah Chorus crops up in the most unexpected places, says Michael Marissen in his new book about Handel’s Messiah.… Read more

Had Hollywood not lured him away, Dennis Hopper could have made his name as a photographer

‘Paul Newman’, 1964, by Dennis Hopper

In an age when photographs have swollen out of all proportion to their significance, and are mounted on wall-sized light… Read more

‘Artmaking is a drug’ - interview with poet Paul Muldoon


Olivia Cole talks to Paul Muldoon about the extraordinary buzz that writing gives him

Buxton Festival sticks its neck out with two rarities by Dvorak and Gluck


Dvorak’s The Jacobin and Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice, the two operas that opened this year’s Buxton Festival, are both relative… Read more

Richard Bean doesn’t believe in humans - just weasels, snakes, rats and vultures

Billie Piper as Paige Britain: gorgeous, stony-hearted news psycho

Mr Bean, one of our greatest comic exports, has an alter ego. The second Mr Bean, forename Richard, is the… Read more

How did a New York nanny become one of the great photographers of the 20th century?


Finding Vivian Maier is a documentary about the American nanny who led a wholly secretive life as a photographer and… Read more

The quest for the perfect guitar riff is a noble one – if not quite the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe

A series of indisputable masterpieces: Nile Rodgers of Chic

A few weeks ago, my eight-year-old son, who’s taken up the guitar, announced that he’d learned something new. He then… Read more

The two men who walked barefoot to the capitals of the four nuclear powers on a peace pilgrimage

The Bay City Rollers (Photo: Getty)

You might (if you’re over a certain age) still think it pretty amazing that TV not only allows you to… Read more

A celebration of Scottish artistic success over the past 25 years


Since spring this year, art venues across Scotland have been dedicating themselves to a gigantic project called Generation. Involving more… Read more



I’ve just met the future Mrs Taki — again

 Gstaad I write this on 14 July, France’s big day and the 25th anniversary of my father’s passing. He died at dawn, on the bicentennial of the uprising, as if… Read more

I am walking to the Spectator party — sober, clean and in all my finery


They do love a party at The Spectator. I was invited to four in ten days last week: the Apollo Summer party, the Spectator ‘At Home’ Summer party, the annual… Read more

I bought a tin of dog food and paid £67.50


‘Cydney,’ I have just told the spaniel, ‘you had better enjoy this tin of dog food because it cost me £67.50.’ I hear you ask, ‘How on earth is this… Read more

Assisted suicide is too close to murder to be legal


How amazing to have two former Anglican archbishops, George Carey of Canterbury and Desmond Tutu of South Africa, supporting Lord Falconer’s bill to legalise assisted suicide! It has always been,… Read more