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Just in case you missed them... | 30 November 2009

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…here are some of the posts made at over the weekend

Fraser Nelson considers the Iraq inquiry we should be having.

James Forsyth argues that the Tories must develop a three-pronged strategy in light of recent polls, and describes Zac Goldsmith’s tax status as a major embarrassment for the Tories.

Peter Hoskin ponders PBR 2009 compared with PBR 2008, and thinks Lord Pearson’s first intervention may be an own goal.

David Blackburn argues that the political case for tackling climate change is weakening, and is convinced that the appointment of Michel Barnier as EU regulation supremo endangers the City’s recovery.

Susan Hill recounts a tragic story and asks how it may not be repeated.

And Alex Massie celebrates that the Croats just kept on smoking.