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Just in case you missed them... | 8 June 2009

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Here are some posts made on over the weekend:

Coffee House live-blogged the Euro-election.  You can read the live blog here.

Matthew d'Ancona provides an update on the Labour coup.

Fraser Nelson laments the government of automatons.

James Forsyth wonders whether Brown will be forced out in the autumn, and reports that more Labour members want Brown to go than stay.

Peter Hoskin looks into when Brown gave up on thie idea of Chancellor Balls, and wonders whether Harriet Harman will make her mark on Brown's week from hell.

Martin Bright says that Brown's latest reshufflkke has delivered the least democratic Cabinet since the War.

Clive Davis reveals the case for Alan Johnson.

And Alex Massie gives his take on Caroline Flint's resignation.