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The week that was | 20 November 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson congratulates Michael Heath, and introduces Britain’s AWOL ally.

James Forsyth praises Chris Grayling’s commitment to elected police commissioners, and finds an example of corruption that is shocking even by the standards of the Karzai government.

Peter Hoskin says that Brown has misjudged the Afghan waiting game, and sees Ed Balls dump Gordon Brown into another lose lose situation.

David Blackburn argues that Gordon Brown has been hoist by his own petard, and challenges the liberal centre to engage with the BNP.

Mark Bathgate explains just quite how inexperienced this government is at economic management.

Lloyd Evans reviews a paper thin Queen’s speech.

Daniel Korski believes Afghanistan needs airfares, not infantry.

Martin Bright describes the battle between extremists in East London.

Rod Liddle gives an update on the Somali savages.

Alex Massie asks if Obama needs Britain in Afghanistan.

Melanie Phillips has had the scales fall from her eyes, only ironically.

And Cappuccino Culture watches in horror as the great Bob Dylan does Christmas, badly.