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The week that was | 26 February 2010

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Here is a selection of some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson gives some reasons to be cheerful about Cameron and the Tories.

James Forsyth has some advice for Cameron, and welcomes George Osborne’s Mais lecture.

Peter Hoskin watches Alistair Darling unleash the forces of hell, and observes Brown come round to the Mandelson way of thinking.

David Blackburn can’t comprehend what the Foreign Secretary is going on about, and says that the bullying smokescreen has obscured Rawnsley’s indictment of the entire government.

Martin Bright was struck aghast by John Prescott on Newsnight.

Susan Hill goes into the woods.

Rod Liddle reviews Tower Block of Commons.

Alex Massie delves into the immigration debate.

And Melanie Phillips takes a look at Ed Balls’ secular inquisition.