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The week that was | 4 December 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson calls for a debate, a proper debate, about climate change, and asks who cares about the playing fields of Eton.

James Forsyth ponders some testing times for the Tories, and reckons there might be life in the class war yet.

Peter Hoskin wonders if Brown did himself more harm than good at PMQs, and believes that doubts still remain over Afghanistan.

David Blackburn is unimpressed by the Lib Dem’s Mansion Tax, and doubts if David Cameron should reward marriage fiscally.

Mark Bathgate exposes Labour’s City free for all.

Lloyd Evans watches the latest round of Etonians versus Bolsheviks.

Daniel Korski welcomes you to Obamastan.

Martin Bright reports on our pernicious libel laws.

Susan Hill asks the country what it thinks of David Cameron.

Rod Liddle makes a non-science case against acting on climate change.

Alex Massie debates the class war.

Melanie Phillips argues that McCrystal has been undermined.

And Cappuccino Culture promotes an album for the decade.