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The week that was | 12 March 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson argues that the government is tough on dangerous dogs but blind to their causes.

James Forsyth is clear that the Tories will have a lot of mud thrown at them, and worries that London is becoming anti-competitive.

Peter Hoskin examines Charlie Whelan’s role in Labour’s election campaign, and finds Ed Vaizey dropping Cameron in the soup (again).

David Blackburn believes the Tories’ decision to leave the EPP is vindicated, and sees the government throw yet more good money after bad.

Daniel Korski asks if the West will lose Turkey.

Susan Hill urges everyone to steer clear of joining the book trade.

Rod Liddle laments the slow creep of suburbia.

Alex Massie ponders the limits of American power.

Melanie Phillips analyses jihad in Nigeria.

And Cappuccino Culture remembers Philip Langridge, a brilliant and kind man.