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The week that was | 15 May 2009

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Matthew d'Ancona thinks that David Cameron has proved himself over the expenses scandal, and suggests that Lord Tebbit is speaking for the electorate as a whole.

Fraser Nelson watches Gordon Brown resort to bully tactics, and sets out the significance of Andrew MacKay's departure.

James Forsyth says that there is nothing British about the BNP, and sets out the Tory verdict on whose claims are defensible and whose aren't.

Peter Hoskin tracks the growing movement to oust Michael Martin, and outlines how the BNP are campaigning.

Toby Young highlights some hypocrisy on the part of journalists.

Martin Bright thinks the sky has fallen in on Parliament.

Clive Davis sees morality meet money in black & white

Alex Massie gives his take on Tory defence policy.

And Melanie Phillips sets out the real lesson of this history.