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The week that was | 18 December 2009

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Here are some of the posts made over the past week on

Fraser Nelson has a new addition to his family, and invites you to meet Farmer Mandelson.

James Forsyth says that the Tories need an attack dog, and questions whether Prince Charles should be getting involved in the Copenhagen debate.

Peter Hoskin stresses that the Tories should resist any temptation to go soft on debt, and observes Ed Balls beating the drum for investment.

David Blackburn gives his take on the unrest at British Airways, and says that the Labour leadership question hasn't been answered.

Daniel Korski reveals a new survey in Muslim attitudes.

Mark Bathgate looks into what might happen when the quantitative easing stops.

Martin Bright argues that Labour are now simply managing the scale of the defeat.

Susan Hill commemorates those who are left.

Rod Liddle thinks it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Alex Massie
claims that the Ministry of Defence is not fit for purpose.

Melanie Phillips is scepctial about the Iraq Inquiry's worth.

Faith Based argues that faith schools are damaging religious identity.

And Cappuccino Culture calls it quits on the Tiger Woods sex scandal.